WonderCon 2016– March 25-27 Los Angeles

March 25th, 2016

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If you’re coming to WonderCon today–> Sunday be sure to stop by my booth in Artist’s Alley– G17. I’ll have the usual stuff (“Assholes,” “Anyone But Virginia”) as well as three new comics– “Dead Last,” “Sexiled” and the 164-page 10th anniversary edition of “Class of ’99,” which collects my Ignatz award-winning comic as well as tons of unpublished or unreleased stuff– featuring the talents of Megan Praz, Gregg Meller, Mitch Roth, Zoe Crockett, Matt Green and Andrew Kudlick.

3 comments to “WonderCon 2016– March 25-27 Los Angeles”

  1. I need a set of the new stuff sent my way

  2. Happy to do so! Email me your address.

  3. Tempting me!!