New comic!!! Dead Last #1

March 7th, 2016

COVER small

Here’s the second of my three new comics I’ll be bringing to WonderCon later this month (March 25-27 in Los Angeles). It’s called “Dead Last” and it’s the follow-up to “Anyone But Virginia” (the Volcano Girl comic), illustrated by Zoe Crockett. I should note that this book has nothing to do with Volcano Girl whatsoever, but it’s our next collaboration. It’s a horror/adventure/murder mystery about what happens to the teenagers who live through horror stories. More news as it comes, obviously, but this and “Sexiled” should be available to purchase in the next couple weeks.

8 comments to “New comic!!! Dead Last #1”

  1. I’ll be at wonder con! We should hang!

  2. indeed! Will you have a booth or just hanging out?

  3. hanging out! You have a booth yes???

  4. yup yup. I’ll have a copy of that anthology for you.

  5. rad! Thanks!

  6. I think you told me about this at USC. Nice!

  7. yup. this is that one.

  8. Thanks! Credit goes to Zoe, the artist… But it might be my favorite thing I’ve ever written.