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June 17th, 2009

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Here’s the review, written by Ryan McLelland:

I first was introduced to Josh Eiserike a few years back after he won the Ignatz Outstanding Debut Award for his book CLASS OF ’99. It was a really great, warm book which made me even more proud when John followed it up with his book ASSHOLES. Basically, ASSHOLES. follows Josh (Eiserike’s alter-ego) and Mitch (Mitch Rothenberg’s cartoon alter-ego) being…assholes! What better place to review ASSHOLES. then here with the @$$holes!??!?!

The first issue had Mitch getting broken up with his girlfriend leading the two to party it up in Mexico. Mitch tells this guy he’s gay, then takes the large man’s girlfriend for bump-and-grind on the dance floor, while Josh find out he’s been boinking his cousin. This leads to the second issue where the duo find themselves in jail for homosexuality and incest. Now you have two very sweet white boys in a Mexican jail…what do you think is going to happen? The inevitable, of course. On the other hand both Mitch and Josh never realized that the ice cubes in their drinks were made of Mexican water which doesn’t sit well with their little American tummies. This leads to perhaps one of the finest scenes ever written or drawn in a comic book. Ever. I swear to God I almost busted something in the spleen area reading this.

Of course they get out of jail (who wants a whole issue of them in prison?!?) and go back to America where Mitch gets set up on a blind date with a girl who doesn’t have sex while Josh is whisked away to an engagement party. Neither want to be where they are but when they both learn the reason why they are in the boat they are in, well, expect full asshole warp one factor to just kick in.

ASSHOLES. is a damn funny book that packs a punch each page. It’s really not for those who are offended by vulgarity or don’t have a funny bone in their fucking bodies. It is for someone who gets a joke like throwing a hot dog down a large hallway and saying, “Last night? It was basically like this.” – because that was the cover to the first issue! ASSHOLES. does it once again with issue 2 and I can’t imagine what Josh and Mitch have in store for Josh and Mitch in issue 3.

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