Volcano Girl needs your help!

February 17th, 2011

Hi guys,

Hopefully you’ve all been enjoying “Anyone But Virginia,” by Zac Crockett and myself. We’re in the home stretch of creating this 5-issue mini series. And, to say this has been a labor of love for the both of us would be an understatement.

To that end, I’ve launched a kickstarter page to try and finish the book (for many reasons- one, because it’s been long overdue, two, to try and tie it in with the upcoming “Volcano Girl” film and three, because Zac really deserves it).

Please visit


If you’ve enjoyed “Anyone But Virginia” (or, hell, any of  Zac’s or my comics), all I ask for is a dollar. That’s it. $1. (And, if you’re at work when you see this, by the time you’ve donated $1, you’ve already earned that much back). Or, if you’re inclined to give $2, $3 or more… I won’t complain!

Thanks so much guys. Zac and I really appreciate it!

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