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Anyone But Virginia

“Anyone But Virginia” teams talented artist Zoe Crockett with Josh Eiserike, creating a unique comic book experience.

Meet Virginia. Straight-A student. Co-captain
of the girls’ soccer team. Senior class vice president of Truman High School class of 1999. And… Volcano Girl, the government-created-super-powered-guardian of Chicago. Increasingly distracted and alienated, Volcano Girl is slipping in performance.  She has neither spoken to her friends nor been home in six years.  Her friends are clueless to the nature of her profession and abilities.

Crockett is a dynamic storyteller who is influenced both by his mentor, underground comix legend Frank Stack (American Splendor), and Japanese manga. Order it here from our digital distributors, Alterna Comics, or the 128-page digest-sized hard copy here from indyplanet.


Commissioned Artwork

Commissioned art is available upon request. I also do (and have done) Bar Mitzvahs. Seriously. Contact me for more information.