Small Press Expo– report

October 14th, 2007

First, a big thanks to everyone who stopped by at the Small Press Expo this past weekend. Even if you just snagged a free copy of “Comic Strippers” or walked by, disgusted at our sign, THANKS!!!

I was at my table most of the time, but I managed to see a good part of the Gilbert Hernandez panel and spend some time walking the floor.

I snagged a signed copy of Exit Wounds, and for my friend’s wife, a copy of the Perry Bible Fellowship book.

Which was kind of funny… it turns out that Nick, the writer of PBF, rooms with one of my brother’s old friends in upstate NYC. Nice guy. Also made a few trades, and met some people I’ve chatted with online (mostly from the DC scene), which is always fun.

Mitch? If you’re reading, the people want Assholes #2!

2 comments to “Small Press Expo– report”

  1. As-holes was great! Good to see an Indian guy who is not a 7-11 guy, or taxi driver, or doctor, or IT. Just a normal guy.

    Read Virginia 1, good story and great art. I may like it more than as-holes (not to knock As-holes).

    Good luck!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it!!! good seeing you again– and I hope you like AbV!