Sequential Tart gives “Anyone But Virginia” 10/10

October 22nd, 2012

Our friends over at Sequential Tart, a comics industry Web zine, wrote up a nice little review of “Anyone But Virginia.” They’re also planning on doing an interview with Zoe and myself for their next issue. Check it out here or after the jump.Anyone but Virginia
by Patti Martinson

Reviews may contain information that could be considered ‘spoilers’. Readers should proceed at their own risk.

Zoe Crockett and Josh Eiserike

ISBN: 978-1616301903
Writer: Josh Eirike
Penciler: Zoe Crockett

Grade: 10
In Anyone But Virginia we are introduced to Virginia Patterson, who is secretly the superhero Volcano Girl. A product of a government project after the events of 9/11, Volcano Girl fights crime in the city of Chicago. The Superhero gig is proving a tough gig when Volcano Girl foils a robbery and finds herself being sued by not only the robbers but the robbers’ victim as well. She is told to lie low for a while, so Volcano Girl goes back to her home town to organize the 10 year reunion of her high school.

The graphic novel moves back and forward through time. We follow Virginia’s present day efforts with family, friends and the reunion. We also go back in time to Virginia’s high school days from when she first meets her best friend to graduation day.

I loved this story. I fell in love with Virginia and all of the characters here. They lept off the page for me and I was totally into Virginia’s superhero world as Volcano Girl as well as her more mundane life as as Virginia Patterson. Life isn’t any easier as an adult or a teenager and that was perfectly captured in this story. The emotion, the action, the relationships are well told here and there wasn’t any dialogue or moment when things didn’t feel real. The characters were distinct with their own unique voices and I appreciated every one of them.

As good as the writing was, the artwork complimented it as well. It all was very fluid and interesting. Broad action as well as more subtle emotions on the faces of the characters were extremely well done. I really got the sense of action and movement, and I don’t often get that feeling with comics.

Written: October 21, 2012
Published: October 22, 2012

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