Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

July 26th, 2010


Much, much better. Spoilers below.

The second volume gets off to a rocky start with a flashback about Scott’s high school romances, some girl who stalked him and his romance with Kim Pine (who’s pretty much the best supporting character in this book). Then we’re back to the present for Scott’s preparation to fight the second evil ex, movie star Lucas Lee.

But the majority of this book is just Scott hanging out with friends, playing video games, thinking about getting a haircut. His fight with Lucas is better than the previous one, but still anti-climatic (even Scott admits this). It happens about halfway through the book and they don’t really actually fight– Lucas offers Scott to pay him off, but Scott gets him to perform a skateboard trick which defeats him anyway. Eh, still better than the fight in the previous volume.

There is, however, a great fight and a proper cliffhanger. Ramona and Knives square off, settling the tension that was set up in the previous issue. It’s really the emotional climax, rather than the cliffhanger reveal that Scott’s ex is in a band with Ramona’s third evil ex boyfriend. Ramona also gets her best moment in the entire series with a “Monkey Island” reference in her fight with Knives, “How appropriate. You fight like a cow.”

This is where Scott Pilgrim is at its best– 90s pop culture thrown in a blender where video game logic rules, but still never losing sight of what the story is really about- relationships. Volume 2 is a huge step from the first, but it’s still not where the series really hits its stride.

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