Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

July 27th, 2010


This could have– perhaps should have– been the final volume in the series. Yeah, there’s still two more to go, but, spoilers, at the end of this volume Scott and Ramona are happy, in love and living together. Yeah, there’s still three evil exes to go, but Scott’s character arc feels really complete. When we met him he was an unemployed loser who was dating a high school girl. At the end of this volume he has a job, lives with his girlfriend and is recording with his band. It’s not closure, but it seems like a logical ending for his character.

Somehow shoehorn in the seven evil exes and I suspect– but have nothing in the way of proof– that this is how the movie will end. Scott and Ramona live somewhat happily ever after, similar to the end of “Knocked Up,” but you know there’s probably trouble ahead. But for now, story’s over.

(I suspect, in the book, however, he ends up with bandmate Kim Pine).

The fights in this book are probably the best so far– emotionally and for action. The evil ex, Roxanne Richter, is living with Ramona (who has been emotionally distant with Scott for the majority of the volume) as Scott is dealing with feelings for an old high school friend who has mysteriously reappeared in his life. Oh, and he’s got to deal with this mysterious samurai guy running around (Knives’ father, who is Chinese, so the samurai part makes little sense).

This is the first volume that feels like it drags a lot in the middle. There are so many unimportant side characters (maybe they’ll be important later) but I find myself not caring that band leader Stephen Stills is perpetually recording songs and turning down gigs. It feels at least 10 pages is devoted to this subplot which has no payoff whatsoever in this volume (unless it’s simply to keep the band from performing, but then who cares? Don’t show that part of the story then).

But once Roxanne shows up the things pick up and it’s just as good as the previous two volumes, three so far being the best.

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