pop culture sketches

April 7th, 2010

So I’m planning on creating some pop culture prints to sell at shows along side my comics– these things move at shows, and it’d be neat to really try my hand at some established characters. I’ll probably do five– something Marvel, something Apatow, something Whedon… and some other stuff. We’ll see what strikes me. What’s interesting is my observation is that it’s typically the zeitgeist that sells. Hello, Iron Man prints in summer 2010…

Anyways, here are some quick sketches I shat out in a few minutes to goof around, Buffy, Angel and Superbad. Michael Cera turned out OK, Jonah Hill looks like one of those Napoleon Dynamite pictures. Ugh.


2 comments to “pop culture sketches”

  1. You need to work on the buffy one — why are her calves and ankles like that? Also – why did you decide to make her an A cup?

  2. I still say my Jonah Hill is worse…

    but Sarah Michelle Gellar’s not exactly a cover girl for Juggs.