“Nintendo Power” to cease publication

August 22nd, 2012

Although I stopped reading “Nintendo Power” around my bar mitzvah (when I discovered girls) it was still a pretty big part of my childhood. So it’s sad to learn the longstanding commercial magazine is ceasing publication.

A few years back, when I was moving from DC to LA, I finally cleaned out my childhood room. I was working at a newspaper and wrote a column about my findings. Here’s one thing I found:

» Letter from Nintendo Power. Nintendo Power, a commercial for Nintendo disguised as a magazine, used to solicit tips and codes from readers. When I was 9, my neighbor Bobby and I discovered a secret way to get some extra lives on “Bart vs. The Space Mutants.” Our tip was never published, but I did get a letter that read, “Thanks for the classified information Agent 456″ (Agent “456″? What was I thinking?) “We always enjoy the great secret hints our agents send in! Each week we receive thousands of great tips from readers all over the country…” Then they told me to keep buying Nintendo Power.

I loved that magazine as a kid- it helped me discover games I’d never know about. I remember running out to the mailbox every four weeks in elementary school hoping the new issue was there. From there I graduated to Wizard and from there to RollingStone and from there… well, like every other American I pretty much stopped reading magazines when the Internet came along.

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