My favorite songs of the decade

January 14th, 2010

50 Self- Stay Home

49 Fountains of Wayne- Hey Julie


48 Eels- Fresh Feeling


47 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly- Call Me Ishmael


46 Modest Mouse- Float On


45 Kate Nash- Foundations


44 The National- Apartment Story


43 Rogue Wave- Eyes


42 Vampire Weekend- A Punk


41 Ben Folds and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra- Zak and Sara


40 Kanye West- Touch The Sky


39 Reel Big Fish- Good Thing


38 Barenaked Ladies- Falling For the First Time


37 Against Me- Thrash Unreal


36 Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos- Tall as Cliffs


35 Dodos- Fools


34 The Beastie Boys- An Open Letter To NYC


33 Black Kids- I’m Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You


32 You Don’t Know What Love Is, You Just Do What You’re Told


31 Jay Z- Roc Boys


30 The Format- Let’s Make This Moment A Crime


29 The Gaslight Anthem- Great Expectations


28 Wilco- Heavy Metal Drummer


27 Arcade Fire- Wake Up


26 The Hold Steady- Stuck Between Stations


25 The Shins- New Slang


24 The New Pornographers- The Bleeding Heart Show


23 The Polyphonic Spree- Light and Day


22 Something Corporate- Konstantine


21 Eminem- Without Me


20 The Killers- All These Things I’ve Done


19 Alphabeat- Fascination


18 Regina Spektor- On the Radio


17 Straylight Run- The Tension And The Terror


16 The Streets- Weak Become Heroes


15 The Postal Service- Such Great Heights


14 Counting Crows- Up All Night


13 Arcade Fire- Haiti


12 Spoon- The Underdog


11 Tilly And The Wall- Rainbows in the Dark


10 The Decemberists- Sons and Daughters


9 The Get Up Kids- Campfire Kansas


8 Weezer- Dope Nose


7 Belle and Sebestain- I’m a Cuckoo


6 Ben Folds- Landed



5 Guster- Come Downstairs and Say Hello



4 K’s Choice- Busy



3 Ben Folds- Hiro’s Song



2 Fountains of Wayne- New Routine



1 LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends





One comment to “My favorite songs of the decade”

  1. Forgot a song!

    I’d put Reggie and the Full Effect’s “Take Me Home Please” at number 20. Everything else is bumped up a spot, now we’ve got 51.