My favorite albums of the decade

January 14th, 2010

Yeah, I know I’m a bit behind everyone else with these stupid lists, but I actually waited for the decade to end, rather than blowing my wad in July. I’ve got songs, too… but here they are, my top 20 favorite albums of the decade. Remember, this is a “favorite” list, not a “best” list. If it were to be a “best” list I’d put #2 at #1.

Oh, and my current #1, which should come as no surprise, sadly, probably wouldn’t even make a critical list… so here it is, my 20 favorite albums from 2000-2009.

20  has-been-william-shatner-and-ben-folds.jpg

19  passion-pit-manners.jpg

18 docd03.jpg

17 yankeehotelfoxtror1.jpg

16 kschoice.jpg

15 eels-2000-daisies-of-the-galaxy.jpg

14 worse_for_the_wear.jpg

13 death_cab_for_cutie_-_plans.jpg

12 americanidiot1.jpg

11 flaming_lips_yoshimi.jpg

10 picaresque.jpg

9 23569048_1.jpg

8 a-grand-dont-come-for-free.jpg

7 jay-zeezer-theblackandbluealbum-frontalt3.jpg

6 6432-give-up.jpg

5 2453-yes-virginia.jpg

4 boys_and_girls_in_america.jpg

3 theformat.jpg

2 arcade-fire-funeral.jpg

1 rockin-the-suburbs2.jpg

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