My adventures out west

January 23rd, 2009

Some photos for your infotainment following the jump, from my 10 day drive from DC to LA.dsc00003.JPGdsc00006.JPGdsc00007.JPGdsc00008.JPGdsc00010.JPGdsc00012.JPGdsc00013.JPGdsc00020.jpgdsc00023.jpgdsc00024.jpgdsc00041.jpgdsc00055.jpgdsc00065.jpgdsc00070.jpgdsc00091.jpgdsc00093.jpgdsc00108.jpgdsc00132.JPG

2 comments to “My adventures out west”

  1. Abercrombie? The west coast has already changed you.

  2. Dude, it’s my Marty McFly vest. It was a freebie from my friend Evan, who lives in Baltimore. I just photoshopped the logo out for my McFly pictures. California won’t change me– I’ll change California.