MAD Magazine #497 will be on sale in December…

November 2nd, 2008

… and I’m in it!

It’s another MAD 20  installment. Looking forward to seeing what they do with my joke– last year I was thrilled to have Hermann Mejia, probably the best artist MAD has, illustrate my MAD 20 piece.

It’s funny and interesting because MAD seems to go for the jokes that I include as an after thought. It happened last year, when they went for “Night at the Creation Museum,” it happened this year when they went for… well, you’ll see. But the point is both years, and with some of my smaller, previous pieces, they’ll shoot down some of my pitches which I think are stronger and better developed. For example, this year I thought I had a shot with “Edwards’ Political Twilight,” a send up of John Edwards and his mistress to the “Twilight” poster. No dice. Instead they went for something I threw in at the last second, without much thought, to have more pitches in one of my submissions. I couldn’t even tell you where the idea came from.

Obviously I’m thrilled and can’t wait to see it. It’s always awesome to see my name alongside the Regular Idiots.


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