Long awaited updates! Lots!!

June 2nd, 2009


See that pretty picture up there? That’s the work of the insanely talented Megan Prazenica. Somehow I tricked her into doing a 10 page comic with me, which I will be shopping around to publishers this weekend at MoCCA, a fairly awesome New York City-based small press comics show. Stop by if you’re in town.

So what’s the comic about? Glad you asked! It’s called “Landed” and it’s about my obsession with Ben Folds and failed relationships. So it’s kind of like “Assholes” in that it’s about failed relationships and based on a true story. Actually, it’s not like “Assholes” at all, but hopefully people who dig that book can enjoy this as well. (And, anyone know any publishers who’d be interested? It’s a 10 page pitch for a larger graphic novel).

Speaking of Assholes,  I got derailed a bit the past few months in school… but I’m finishing the book up at the moment and hope to start posting pages in a month or so, the book your hands by the end of the summer. Here’s some unfinished teaser art for those of you playing along at home:



Lastly, friends and longtime josheiserike.com readers know of my obsession with the ’90s graphic adventure series Monkey Island. I wrote a while back that the only thing that could get me back to playing video games was Monkey Island 5– time for me to eat my words it seems. “Tales Of Monkey Island” is due this July.


and lastly, Mitch has a new blog. Funny stuff.


3 comments to “Long awaited updates! Lots!!”

  1. So you WILL be bringing dead-tree versions of Assholes #2 to MOCCA this year, yes?

  2. That is correct, sir!

  3. Awesome. My #1 is lonely and maybe if I put them both together with a bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Creme they’ll multiply…