I am Superman?

November 1st, 2007

To: Alan F. Horn
President and Chief Operating Officer
Warner Bros.


Hey, it’s Josh. How are you? Pumped for “The Dark Knight” next summer? I know I am.

But, I have to say; I’m a bit worried for Superman. Screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris just bailed. The next sequel’s due in 2009, and with the impending writer’s strike… well, there’s cause for concern!

Luckily I know one writer with some great ideas for the character.


I loved what Bryan Singer did with the Big Blue Boy Scout in “Superman Returns.” Loved it. That was Superman for a 21st century, and I’d build on that in my script. Here are some of the ideas I’m toying with:

-Superkid. What a fantastic idea to introduce a son into the Superman mythos. Really, genius. In future installments, this character can really capture a Jimmy Neutron demographic and sell some lunchboxes. Remember how young Anakin Skywalker single-handedly took down the federation blockade in “The Phantom Menace”? No? Well, I’m thinking something similar for Superkid. Maybe dad’s busy, I don’t know, filling out his tax returns but the North Korean Army ready to launch a nuclear warhead. Look, up in the sky! Superkid to the rescue! Plus, think of the action figure tie-ins– Superkid, Superkid gets ready for bed, Superkid forgets his Ritalin, Superkid goes to space.

– Another love interest. Lois’s husband really increased the tension in the last picture. She still loves Superman, but she’s married! He’s Superman, not a home wrecker– let’s go with this and throw someone else into the mix for Kal El’s Kryptonian affections. How about Batman? This will just make “it” official.

– A new villain. The biggest complaint with “Superman Returns” was that there wasn’t a new villain, just Lex Luthor, always up to something—something to do with real estate? Let’s be honest, Al, as far as villain schemes, it wasn’t very easy to follow. For this time around, let’s use someone fresh. Problem is, besides Lex, Superman’s rogues gallery is about as menacing as “Ugly Betty.” Toyman? Mr. Mxyzptlk? Ugh. After Kryptonite, Superman’s biggest weakness is magic. Luckily, Warners has a good magic villain who won’t be on screen again until 2010- Lord Voldemort.

– Less action, more moping. Singer’s take on Superman was emotional and heartfelt—and he didn’t even have to punch anyone. With all the problems in the world today, this is a good direction to go (just look at the success of “Smallville”!). Superman’s a reporter, so let’s emphasize that. Did you see “Zodiac”? Reportery-type things like typing on a computer or waiting for phone calls can be riveting.

– Bring back Kumar. My only real complaint with “Superman Returns” was how badly Kal Penn got shafted. He’s a generational icon as Taj and Kumar. All he got in “Superman Returns” was a horribly lame death without a line of dialog. Heck, get rid of Brandon Routh and just let this guy play Superman. Let John Cho play Jimmy Olsen. Maybe Neil Patrick Harris can cameo as Perry White. Or Brainiac. Or Batman.

Now that’s a movie I’d pay $12.50 to see.

Sounds good? Have your people call my people. We’ll do lunch.
Warmest regards,


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