End of the year playlist #10- Tilly and the Wall- Beat Control

December 16th, 2008
This song, a big departure for Omaha-based tap-dancing pop rockers Tilly and the Wall, left me cold at first. Remember when Eminem threw all his hard-earned cred out the window with the silly dance single “Just Lose It”? That’s “Beat Control,” a straight-up dance number with nonsense lyrics like “let that beat control your body baby.” But here’s the thing: After a disappointed first listen, I found myself going back for more. Soaring harmonies, a solid (if stupid) hook, my relationship with “Beat Control” went from hate to guilty pleasure to love. “Beat Control” was left off Tilly’s 2008 album. I understand the omission, but in hindsight, sometimes a departure works better than formula.

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