Below, you can find links to the full image galleries containing many of my comics or online retailers carrying the books.

Anna and Pat

Anna and Pat was a romantic comedy comic strip, a team-up effort with Andrew Kudlick. Anna and Pat is currently on hiatus. There are plans to return to the material at a later date, although possibly in a different format. Until then, please enjoy the first 30 strips of an eventual epic tale, available for free online.

Anyone But Virginia

My take on the superhero genre. So it\'s more like a John Hughes film than a Superman comic. When Virginia Patterson returns home to plan her high school reunion she leaves her identity as the superhero Volcano Girl behind. With art by Zac Crockett, \"Anyone But Virginia\" will soon be a live-action short film!

Class of \'99

Class of ’99 was originally written as a one act play for a playwriting class I took at the University of Maryland. After my semester at Marvel, I was inspired to dig up the script and adapt it as a comic book. I polished up some dialog and wrote an extended introduction (the first six pages or so of the book). The play is a conversation between two friends at their senior prom, April 17, 1999, when their dates slip off to the bathroom. In comic book speak, it’s a “one shot” (or I can be really pretentious and call it a “graphic novella”), which means it is a self-contained story, running 32 pages. Read it here for free, or purchase a hard copy.


I used to draw editorial cartoons for various publications. So these are all fairly dated at this point, but some of them still crack me up. Check it out!


These are my commissioned works that are in no way part of any comic strip chronology, despite recurring characters. In fact, they’re a lot more appropriate and a lot less funny.

Liberal Crap

Liberal Crap was a daily comic strip in the Diamondback, the University of Maryland independent student newspaper for two years (2001-2003). Liberal Crap follows the adventures of three UMD students as they make that awkward transition into the adult world. (Actually, that’s only true if we’re talking about Adult World Video.) A provocative attack on political correctness? A dumb comic strip with juvenile toilet humor? An excuse to print words like “masturbation,” “crap” and “Ben Folds” in a student newspaper? An epic coming of age story set on a Mississippi river raft? Decide for yourself. The full archive is available for free online.


Odds and ends from over the years, and previews of my latest projects. I’ve tried hard to put the “sketch” back in “sketchbook.” Check it out before I change my mind and delete it all!


Dead Last sample

seven sample pages from DEAD LAST, a six-issue mini series that I co-created with Zoe Crockett