Breaking Bad print and updates

July 30th, 2013

breaking bad flat final 500

So here’s a Breaking Bad print I made for Yael for her birthday. Which was in April, so I’m a bit late. But I guess the show’s starting up again so my timing is good?

Additionally, I completed a 6-page comic book pitch written by my friend Gregg Meller– he wrote, I drew. It’s a cyber-punk sci-fi thing and, if I may say so myself, is pretty cool. We’re off to publishers now, so fingers crossed on that one. It’s different than anything I’ve drawn in a while– space ships, alien cities, war, intergalactic rock bands. Either way, once I get Gregg’s approval, publisher or no publisher, I’m hoping to post the pages here. I think they look pretty awesome.

And, finally- I’m writing a bunch of stuff at the moment– one of which may be my next comic. Stay tuned…

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