Braggy McBragsalot says…

June 13th, 2008

… so I do a weekly video feature for work, reviewing comic books. This is good because it a) is Web-based, which the editors seem to want, regardless of quality and b) lets me spend my billable hours on something I enjoy more than writing about bake sales. Here’s a link to the video… but the reason I’m even mentioning it is because of this is because the editor of our company-wide blog (entire company, all throughout the Southeast) just posted this, letting other papers know about the vlog:

“When I was a kid, I read around 10 titles of comic book each month. I thought I was quite a big fan, particularly of one or two. So when I got to college and saw there was a comic book club, I went. That’s when I learned that I was a piker, a dilettante, a rube in the world of comics. I had just fallen off the comic turnip truck. Josh Eiserike of the Potomac News/Manassas Journal Messenger is a comic book fan, and that, combined with his casual, easy on-screen manner, make his weekly comic book review video blog (vlog) very cool. Also, excellent editing, cutting in scenes from the comic books as he talks about them and ending the video with info about each comic reviewed for anyone who wants to buy one of them. For any community paper, this is proof you don’t need metro resources to do a great weekly vlog.”

 To paraphrase Jon Stewart, what say you, Ogre?



2 comments to “Braggy McBragsalot says…”

  1. So did you like the “Chiggers” book?

  2. Haven’t read it yet… didn’t buy it actually, but I like her art and, obviously, the idea of a drama at summer camp. I’m just afraid it’ll be more like “The Parent Trap” and less like “Wet Hot” or “Meatballs.” Will probably check it out soon, though.