July 10th, 2008


That’s right that’s right it’s SHOWTIME motherfuckers!

Assholes #2 will be updating about once a week or so right here. In about a month, give or take (probably give), you’ll be able to purchase a hard copy.

Kudos to Mitch for writing such a hysterical story. Hope you folks enjoy… and then it’s onto our conclusion and, I’m told THE ASSHOLES HANNUKAH SPECIAL. But that’s not for some time.

Until then enjoy brand new vagina jokes!


UPDATE: Book is at the printer. Will start uploading pages shortly…

2 comments to “BOOYAKASHA– ASSHOLES #2!!!”

  1. Yee haw! Where do I send my ducats?

    Tom (from MOCCA)

  2. It’s not due from the printer until early Sept… but it’s DONE! Shoot me an e-mail then… awesome!