“Booty Seekers” named quarter finalist in script writing competition

July 13th, 2011

Last summer Mitch and I wrote a movie called “Booty Seekers”- a teen sex comedy set in pirate times. It’s about three virgin nerds who get stranded on a pirate ship. Anyway, the NexTV screenwriting competition just named it as one of its quarter finalists.

The truth is I only vaguely remember entering and don’t have any recollection of how I even heard about the contest in the first place. But looking over their Web site it seems fairly legit at the finalist level. That said, I don’t think a movie where pirates run around with giant boners is really the kind of script that wins awards. So pretty cool to get this far… and we’re talking about doing “Booty Seekers” as a comic, which would probably be a lot cheaper anyway.

P.S.- happy to send the script along to anyone interested in reading.

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