Ben Folds nerd part 13,513,513,514,626

July 30th, 2008

It’s probably not important to know that Ben Folds is my favorite recording artist. He’s got a new album “Way To Normal” out on Sept. 30, as well as a disc he produced, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” due Sept. 16.  More on those as the dates get closer, but the good news is the lost Ben Folds Five song “Amelia Bright” is finally getting a studio cut.

According to Internet legend, Ben Folds Five broke up recording their 4th album, Sony’s got it under lock-and-key. The Five debuted four of those songs in their final concerts: “The Secret Life of Morgan Davis,” “Amelia Bright,” “Prince Charming” and “Tell Me What I Did.” “Carrying Cathy” wound up on Ben’s second solo album, “Rockin’ the Suburbs.”

Most have seen the light of day as b-sides or whatever. “Amelia Bright” was my favorite of the bunch, probably up there with my favorite of Folds’ works. According to that Rolling Stone article linked above, there’s a Ben-sung studio sketch somewhere in Sony’s vault. For me that’s the Ben Folds holy grail– I’ve got a couple bootleg versions, but no studio cut.

I guess I’ll have to settle for Hotel Lights then. Hotel Lights is ex-Folds Five drummer Darren Jessee’s new band. Since he wrote “Amelia Bright” it’s finally seeing a proper release on the second Hotel Lights album, due Aug. 19 (He also wrote/cowrote a bunch of Five songs, including “Brick”). I heard him perform the cut at Jammin’ Java in 2003. It’s still a solid song, but Ben brought an improbable mix of fun and angst to the song which Jessee lacks.

Anyways, check out the track here at Jessee’s myspace.

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