Ben Folds nerd #1394123094

March 1st, 2010

Apparently Ben had a best-of disc out last year in Japan. My sense is it’s pretty much the record label’s doing, as there really isn’t an equivalent here in America. But putting aside my collector geek impulses for a moment, let’s nerd out about the tracklist.

18 tracks, spanning Ben’s career.

1 Song for the Dumped

2 Jackson Cannery

3 Philosophy

4 Undergroud

5 Brick

6 Video Killed The Radio Star

7 Army

8 Don’t Change Your Plans

9 Annie Waits

10 Zak and Sara

11 Still Fighting It

12 In Between Days

13 There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You

14 Landed

15 Give Judy My Notice

16 Black Glasses

17 Song For the Dumped (Japanese Version)

18 Hiroshima (Japanese Version)

OK, that’s not bad, considering it’s clearly geared toward Japanese fans. It’s mostly chronological. Three songs from “Ben Folds Five,” two songs from “Whatever and Ever Amen,” a b-side cover from “Whatever and Ever Amen,” two songs from “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner,” three songs from “Rockin’ The Suburbs,” two songs from the EPs (one of which is a cover), two songs from “Songs for Silverman,” a song by a Japanese pop star that Ben plays piano on and two songs in Japanese (one of which is the only representation from “Way To Normal.”

That’s actually not bad, considering the number of covers and EP tracks. However, my best-of disc would look slightly different. I’m not going to worry about track order, just songs and chronology.

1 Eddie Walker

2 Philosophy

3 Where’s Summer B?

4 Brick

5 Song for the Dumped

6 Battle of Who Could Care Less

7 In Love

8  Don’t Change Your Plans

9 Army

10 Amelia Bright

11 Annie Waits

12 Zak and Sara

13 Not the Same

14 Hiro’s Song

15 Landed

16 You To Thank

17 Such Great Heights

18 Effington

2 comments to “Ben Folds nerd #1394123094”

  1. i would have “smoke”on mine. also, where can i get this CD? is it only sold in japan? when are we going to our next ben show together. with love, your UUFF.

  2. Yeah, it’s Japan only. And I had “Smoke,” but changed it to “Battle,” although one could make an equally strong case for “Evaporated.”

    We’ll see Ben after you do the year in your Mexican Corn Mobile.