October 20th, 2009

Yesterday I saw my new movie “Becca’s Box” for the first time with final sound matched to final picture. So I figured now was as good as any to post some production stills, courtesy of Kristeen Reimnitz. Sadly, I have no idea who took the production stills for the rest of the shoot.

BUT the movie is up on Dec. 12 at Norris Theater at USC. Starring the uber-talented Danny Fernandez, Alexa Kahn and Madeline Walter. Free. If you’re in Los Angeles definitely come! It’s the same kind of humor as “Assholes,” so (im)mature audiences only and all that jazz.  More info as we get closer, but for now enjoy! 3896260451_8be63ef632.jpg3896253061_c90c0fec831.jpg3896255153_4afc18e6e0.jpg3896256193_c4ddb72af8.jpg3896257837_96a007fdfb.jpg3896258331_1d726c329a.jpg3896261471_27338385ee.jpg3896261471_27338385ee.jpg3897031810_599f8625f6.jpg3897033482_ab3e53ee7b.jpg3897034614_2b574e69ba.jpg3897034876_1be259fd79.jpg3897034876_1be259fd79.jpg3897036048_f1fe82c1d1.jpg3897038896_0fca2d3aa6.jpg

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