“Assholes” referenced at Jewish feminist conference

February 29th, 2012

Near as I can tell there was a conference on the portrayal of Jewish women in comics in Montreal last summer, sponsored by the Association of Jewish libraries. Read about it here (scroll down a little to find “Assholes”). “Assholes”  was used as an example of Orthodox women in comics:

“Orthodox women were shown in 3 narratives. In the 2nd issue of Assholes, Mitch is forced to go on a blind date with Andrea’s observant cousin ; alas, all they seem to have in common is that they both know Andrea & are both Jewish.”

That’s it. But for some reason I find it really funny that a bunch of Jewish women had a serious discussion that included examples from “Assholes.” (And hey, why didn’t they include “Anyone But Virginia” too?)

Last thought- the incident we’re riffing on in the comic is based on one of Mitch’s real life jdate experiences. Read all about that one here.

2 comments to ““Assholes” referenced at Jewish feminist conference”

  1. Assholes and my family war story were discussed at the same conference, who would have thought…

    I must admit I am a little sad that I went to 2  sessions during that conference that were incredibly boring, I feel as though I would have enjoyed hearing about assholes so much more then the war stories I have heard since I was a kid, particularlily since it was the day after my sisters wedding and I was extremely hungover. Assholes would have been much more appropriate 🙂

  2. Assholes>War