Assholes #3- 5 star review!

June 3rd, 2010

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Review:  Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie that looked like it would have been funny in your teens, but which seemed utterly beneath you in your 20s?  Have you ever been drug by a friend or someone who just hates you utterly to see said movie?  Have you ever laughed at the movie in spite of yourself?

Welcome to not being as mature as you think you are.  Welcome to Assholes.

This is a brilliant comic, but not for any reason I can personally pin down.  It’s over the top, it’s crude, it’s funny and it shouldn’t work but somehow it does anyway.

In truth, I’m almost sorry to see the series go, given that this is the final issue of a 3 issue miniseries.  That said, I think it’s commendable on the part of its creators that Assholes wasn’t seen as something that would be funny forever if stretched out to the horizon (and I trust that there are people out there who respect my restraint in not making a crude joke here – because, seriously, it’s too damn easy!).

As with the other two issues, number 3 stands well enough on its own that you could pick it up and read it as a one-shot or pick up all three and read them as a continuous story.  Probably the greatest testament to the writing here is that it works as a whole or even in pieces.  As prefaced before though, for anyone who hasn’t seen my reviews for the prior two issues (or for whom the title isn’t hint enough), this is definitely not for those who can’t enjoy crude and often sexual humor.

All told, this is a great finale to a great comic.  Assholes gives you something to laugh at, even if it’s the fact that you’re in your mid-20s and still find this stuff hilarious.

Overall: 5 stars.

Alex Haas

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