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February 2nd, 2010

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Review:  This is definitely a comic for fans of Kevin Smith’s work.  Granted, compared to a Smith movie, this issue was short on story and a bit longer on quips and one-liners that would make the sort of people who take sex seriously very, very unhappy and uptight.  I would have liked to have been given a little bit more of a reason to connect to and be amused by these characters, but I do suspect it would have taken a little longer with them for that to happen.

Also worth noting, while this is primarily a comic about guys being…  Well, you can see the title plainly enough for yourselves – it’s also worth noting that it’s got a nice touch of being somewhat gender neutral.  In particular, Mitch and Josh call a female friend with a rather crass “urban legend” type question and she answers, utterly unperturbed by the conversation.  Too often, you have guys carrying on like this in movies and books and there isn’t a woman in sight who just rolls her eyes and laughs at them.  It’s nice to see a little bit of balance here.

Bottom line: it’s funny, but so far lacks in depth – like a collection of a good comedian’s one-liners.  You get the sense there’s more potential here than you’re seeing up front.

Overall: 3 stars.

Alex Haas

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